About Bizview Systems

The company was founded in 2001 with the goal of giving users the power to create their own great solutions without relying on IT or expensive consultants.

The means to achieve this goal was to start with something that controllers, finance people, and other users already know – namely Excel. By mimicking Excel in BizView, users can create everything from simple to highly advanced web-based forms and reports based on many different data sources and the BizView Datastore.

Today Bizview Systems is one of the leading software vendors of forecasting, budgeting and reporting solutions in the Nordic countries. We have more than 1000 companies using our solutions world wide.

BizView is developed and marketed by Bizview Systems with offices in Scandinavia and is marketed outside Scandinavia by partners.

Even today the organisation is driven by the desire to give the user the power to create solutions themself. This makes us different! We are primarily interested in the customer ability to manage their solutions as much as possible themself. Therefore we offer a user-friendly product, proper training, good documentation and a great support to our customers.

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