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Powering Qlik Sense with
BizView planning

BizView 7.2 that just has been released, contains specific functionality that integrates BizView not only with Qlik, but now also with Qlik Sense.

BizView is a leading performance management software including powerful planning, forecasting and budgeting capabilities. Qlik Sense by Qlik, is a modern business intelligence software providing great data visualization of corporate data. With the release of 7.2 of BizView, it’s now possible to create a best-of-bread solution combining Qlik Sense and BizView.

Forecast or budget sales, market sizing, production, customer service activities, staffing or anything else within BizView. From simple spreadsheet-like input forms to advanced multi-company planning processes supported by BizView workflows. Visualize the result of the different planning processes using Qlik Sense with data from BizView combined with data from other data sources.

The integration with Qlik Sense give you the power to use Qlik Sense embedded within BizView. This makes it possible for the end-user to switch seamlessly between planning and analytics. If the user is for example forecasting sales for two specific markets in a BizView planning form, the user can open Qlik Sense within the BizView workspace showing data for the same two markets.


Qlik Sense embedded within BizView
Qlik Sense can use predefined interfaces within the BizView database to easily load planning data into Qlik Sense. BizView can also utilize dimension data and actual data from Qlik Sense.

More about BizView for Qlik

The straight line into the US market goes from Sweden to Hong Kong to Norway to South Africa to UK, to Slovenia, France and Australia…

160over90 is one of USA’s most innovative marketing companies, and the first real power user of Bizview on the American continent. And, it has taken some time and several detours, we were heading towards the world’s most demanding market all the time.

BizView has grown into a serious contender in the market. Not in size, but in offering. Users praise the flexibility, the ease, the capacity and the pricing, and we are focusing hard on keeping these values intact as we expand and improve our position in the market. Our goal is to become the leading performance management software for planning, forecasting and budgeting.

We are still young on the world stage, and our “straight line” has already taken BizView to all corners of the world. Today, more than 1,000 companies around the globe use BizView in their extensive planning and reporting capabilities. Through our increasing network of partners, we are sure we will see BizView implemented with customers in areas, cities and countries we haven’t yet imagined.

We refer to 160over90 at the start of this article. We could just as well have mentioned JCDecaux in France. Or Electrolux in Sweden – all international corporation that have opted for a smaller, but better, supplier for the important task of reporting, planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Lerums Story

When your main market changes rapidly, the choice of management tools will be instrumental in the turn-around process. Lerum, with 110 years in the fruit and berry product market in Norway, needed a tool to safe proof the changes in the market.


Lerum was – and still is – one of the leading brands in Norway in the food and beverage sector. Fruit syrup and jam of the best quality. Natural like no others.

In a market with an ever-increasing competition, it was crucial for Lerum to quickly get the decisions for adapting to the market changes.

The challenge was to define, describe and develop both a production line and new products.

it was vital to uphold delivery to distributors during this process, and calculate the resources for the following year – based on no market review.

With Bizview Lerum could create a system that could retrieve numbers from both product development and campaigns, and present these numbers in one system.
With BizView, Lerum could create a system that would retrieve numbers from both product development and campaigns, and present these numbers in one system.

But equally important is that BizView’s structure and flexibility dramatically reduces the time of implementation. And with short time spans to react, these factors are crucial for any business as it was for Lerum.

With BizView they retrieved and estimated several important factors like, production, sales, inventory, product development and distribution. They also uncovered solutions that was more precise, how to simplify them and present them: BizView has a strong dashboard function where key performance indicators are easily accessed and read.

With BizView at hand Lerum could now see that co-acting numbers could give crucial information which was important for upholding their forecast security and steady turnover.

Lerum had a great success with implementing BizView and results are back to the level they anticipate. Lerum now has the tools for a great overview, and can track and monitor their key performance indicators for the future.

With the new 7.2 version BizView just got stronger and more accessible than ever!

With every update, BizView evolves towards being a system that delivers world class planning and reporting capabilities to the market.

New client-side technology platform
The new version includes a brand-new HTML-5-based responsive client that makes it possible for BizView to access and adjust to any device, web browser, phone or tablet you wish to use.

The last years we have spent much time and effort in the development of the next generation client-side technology platform for BizView. The new user friendly client-side platform makes it possible to run BizView on large screens, on medium-sized screens such as tablets, and on very small screens such as mobile phones. The HTML5 based platform is also optimized for speed, and to work well with modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The new platform is based on the latest web technologies and based on recognized standards and technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. The server-side of BizView will stay the same as today leveraging Microsoft technologies.

The new user interface and navigation within BizView will be very familiar to users of iPad and mobile applications.

It supports multi-touch gestures such as swipe, pinch to zoom etc. But it will also work well in normal desktop and laptop environments in your normal web browser.

When installing BizView 7.2 you will automatically get the new BizView client installed side-by-side with the traditional BizView client on the server. Both clients will utilize the same common server-side technology. The new HTML5 client will include features like reporting and dashboards. With these features, you can now access your reports and dashboards from your devices the way you want it – faster!

You can read more about BizView 7.2 here

The overall theme of BizView 7.2 has been to make BizView available on any kind of device and browser, and to enhance the overall performance and usability of the application.

More efficiency with BizView

– An interview from Dagens Industri with the CEO of Bizview Systems

The performance management software BizView has since 2001 been at the forefront of innovative IT development. With the newly launched version 7.2, the system is now available on all platforms and browsers.

“With our brand new HTML 5-based client, you can now handle complex processes and analyse the entire company with full mobility,” says Oskar Kristiansen, CEO of Bizview Systems.

BizView is a leading budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis software. Customers range from small-scale companies to large multinational companies, and the solutions are easy to integrate with other systems and databases.

– As an example, Electrolux is one of our major customers. They have the whole world as their playing field and thus have a variety of systems used in a variety of countries. BizView can be linked to all these and make them interact. In addition, BizView has a very efficient handling of data validation,

that is, the data retrieved from external systems is quality assured and validated.

At present, BizView is committed to establishing itself in many foreign markets.

“It shows in many ways that we can develop the application with rather small resources, compared with the major players. We also show the level of innovation actually in Sweden – there is an environment that is really well suited for forming companies for a global market”, says Oskar Kristiansen.

With our brand new HTML 5-based client, you can now handle complex processes and analyse the entire company with full mobility.
Oskar Krisiansen, CEO Bizview Systems


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