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BizView adds planning capabilities to
Microsoft Power BI

We have just released our greatest update of BizView for Power BI, the tool that extends the reach and power of Microsoft Power BI.

The BizView solution for Power BI is specifically designed to strengthen Microsoft as a business intelligence platform. BizView adds important functionality such as forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting integrated with your other components of the Power BI stack.

The solution supports everything from very simple data entry forms to complex procedures for forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting. BizView’s Excel-like design tool makes it easy for controllers and other administrators to create different types of input forms. The built-in support for approval workflow provides visibility and control of processes where many users need to work on registration and approval of data.

BizView for Power BI adds powerful corporate performance management capabilities with planning, forecasting and budgeting to Microsoft Power BI. It allows for extended planning: sales, production, personnel, costs, revenues, etc. And unlike competitors, BizView is an open solution built on SQL Server and designed for easy integration with data warehouses in both directions.

If you want to talk with us about BizView for Microsoft Power BI and how we can improve your performance, please contact:
Jens Karlsson +46 (0)70 735205 /

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The future is mobile.
And so is BizView!

In the last 10 years we have seen a change in how people work, interact and share information. Now we are online 24/7, and we expect to be able to reach everyone at any given time.

This has changed the way of working for BizView users. Users wants to access dashboards and reports instantly in their phones from anywhere. The laptop or desktop still will be the preferred tool for business management tasks, mobile devices are now important to include when we plan the user interface for BizView.

We are focusing our developing resources on delivering BizView as a responsive app to any device, with large screen, and with small screen. BizView should be available at your fingertips. With your smart phone or tablet you are only a tap away from accessing your reports and dashboards.

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OSM Maritime Group – customer story

With offices in 26 countries across 16 time zones, with 10,000 employees and 7 different currencies, it was natural to demand an extreme standard on our new system for budgeting, reporting and control.

osm_logoOSM Maritime Group is a global provider of services primarily to maritime/offshore industry, offering Crew Management, Ship Management, Offshore Managment and New Building Management. “Global companies in service providing industries really need effeicient tools for financial management and planning,” says CFO Dagfinn Andersen at OSM.

Previously we lacked the ability for real time consolidation, which could give unnecessary costs for a
company operatingwith 7 different currencies.
Dagfinn Andersen, CFO at OSM
“With BizView we now have a scalable system where we with great simplicity and flexibility can adapt to ever-changing and emerging demands in the industry – this will be the key to our success.”

“Our biggest challenge is dealing with large volumes of data from a variety of different systems, and with users from around the world,” Dagfinn Andersen continues. “It is also very important to be able to ensure fast and secure access to management information at all levels. With BizView we got a decentralized management, where responsibility is shifted directly to those who are responsible. We are also experiencing faster access to information and shorter time used on producing financial reports. We also use a lot less time on managing ongoing planning processes. An additional feature that is well received is that we can provide key customers direct access to viable information, something that simplifies life for everyone.”

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Gaining a global footprint

2016 was an amazing year for Bizview Systems. We increased our revenue with nearly 30%, which is mostly due to our growing network of international partners.

The customers ranged from small and medium companies in remote valleys of the Nordics to international corporations with offices all over the world.

Our clients share a common denominator: the desire to enhance their planning and reporting processes by using a software adaptable to their specific needs and requirements. Either

as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Qlik, Microsoft Power BI or their ERP-system.

Customer feedback tell us we are more flexible, less expensive and more powerful than other solutions in the market.

In short: Planning and Reporting the way you want it. Faster

BizView 7.1 – with focus onvimproved communication

Late last year we launched the 7.1 version of BizView. Built upon the success of 7.0 and fine-tuned for a better user experience, this version brings BizView one step ahead of the competitors.

The main focus was to ease the way we communicate in a work process, so we developed new functionality related to management comments and collaboration in relation to reported figures.

Commenting will complement the already exis ing text handling, commenting and collaboration features within BizView. In earlier versions it has been possible to add comments to cells and rows in planning forms, and add comments and attach documents to steps in workflows. But now, in BizView 7.1, you can now work with text, comments and documents embedded within structured reports (and planning forms).

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Going places!

What is the common denominator for Electrolux, Samhall, Boliden and Skandia Insurance? For Atea, Dala Kraft, Halmstads Energi and more than 200 accounting firms in Norway? Or for leading food & beverage producers, global shipping companies and advertising and media agencies in the UK and US? Well, they are among the more than 1,000 companies using BizView worldwide.

It is all based on a new way of thinking. Logic, systematics, openness, scalability, flexibility – the foundation of a world class business management system.

BizView: Made in Sweden!

Innovation is part of Sweden’s DNA, and as we used to be number one in the steel, automotive and aerospace industries, we now have the same success in IT, digital and mobile solutions adapted to – and even defining – the times we live in.

Made in Sweden is still synonymous with innovation and quality out there!

The new, highly digitized world demands a different mindset than before, it requires new structures, a new level of accessibility and mobility. Our mantra “BizView – Planning and reporting the way you want it. Faster.” reflects this.
Oskar Kristiansen, CEO Bizview Systems
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