Dalakraft Customer Story.


Earlier we had no tools to calculate the margins for each customer. Now we have effective sales management as well as prognosis monitoring.




  • Needed to improve the forecasting process
  • Needed a system for follow-up of customer contributions in different time horizons
  • Achieve a decentralised budget and forecasts process


  • Sales managers can forecast as well as follow up on their areas very easily, over time as well as per customer
  • Decentralized process
  • Ability to act much quicker on trends requiring attention


  • Very nice interface with accessibility from the sales field
  • Great flexibility in making forecasts over different time horizons, as well as follow up on separate levels
  • Easy to bring the responsibility out into the organisation, making for high relevance and quality forecasts


  • Highly involved and enthusiastic employees participating in the project. Ensures quality as well as satisfaction in the end
  • Quick implementation


  • Sales forecasting and follow-up
  • Decentralized budgeting process
  • Rolling forecasting model with continuous follow-up
  • Web deployment
For the energy company Dalakraft, with more than
100 000 customers, the implementation of a new business performance management solution added value to several parts of the company.


Nowadays the salesforce has access to well-structured sales statistics, which makes it easier to allocate resources and focus on the areas where they will the biggest impact. The solution has also given Dalakraft much better overview of the business and a foundation to make better decisions from. Dalakrafts new performance management system, a modern web based solution with modules for forecasting, budget, reporting, analysis, was implemented in 2012. It is a powerful IT-solution that is being used as the reporting system against Dalakrafts other internal systems and ensures a very effective and structured budgeting, forecasting and reporting process.

We now have sales statistics that make it possible to follow up on sales and contributions per day, week, month and yearly basis

“The main internal driving force for making the investment in this system was to integrate a solution that enables a much better business follow-up and forecasting capabilities. Previously, we did not have a system that calculated the contribution for each and every customer, but now we have a powerful BI solution that enables, among other things, sales force management as well as forecasts and follow-up.”

Decentralized budget process
The improved control and overview Dalakraft now have on their business enables the board and other decision makers to focus on strategic work. Before this implementation we closed the books once a year, but now we can analyse the result on a monthly basis, split into the different business units. That also ensures that any variances in the result can be noticed and act upon much more efficient than before.

Since the BizView implementation we have also been able to decentralize the whole budget process which means that the managers for our business units are responsible and performs the budget process for themselves.

Our sales managers now also have a much better overview of their customer’s order backlog, says Mats Bengtsson. The implementation was rather fast, it took about a year, and was possible thanks to a very experienced implementation consultant as well as Dalakrafts own employees who contributed with high energy, curiousness and enthusiasm.


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