Samhall Customer Story.


A BI-tool for all needs, reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and with one user interface. That really simplifies our everyday work!




  • Have a modern system with single point of access, that can act as BI and CPM on top of the source system(s)
  • Limit the number of systems the users need to work with
  • Create relevance in the planning process, moving the input as well as the follow-up as close to the decision maker as possible


  • Been able to limit the number of systems the users need
  • High availability and ease of deployment to our many users
  • Many more uses than initially anticipated


  • Easy to connect to any source system and ability to bring that data into a common user interface
  • Take the phrase system ownership to the highest possible level. Ability to develop and deploy new crucial implementations on their own
  • User friendly
  • High demands on performance due to the number of system users and high frequency of use


  • It is of great value to have a good, professional, long term relationship with the customer
  • Crucial to have a customer that knows what they want from the system, placing high demands on both Bizview consultants as well as internally
  • Knowledge transfer is very important, end user training, but certainly also system owners and design skills


  • Monthly reporting
  • Budgeting, forecasting
  • Project estimation including workflow
  • Deployment to many users
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
One of Sweden’s biggest employers, Samhall, uses BizView for all their performance management needs. One product satisfies their reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analysis needs.


Samhall is a long-term customer of Bizview Sweden. Having worked with the previous generation of the product for many years, they have recently started the upgrade and implementation of BizView. Samhall needed to assure they could have the reporting structure as well as the budgeting and forecasting processes they wanted also in the future. With a source ERP system that works fine but don’t necessarily support these needs, it is key for Samhall to have one product available to all users that can enable users to work in the same user interface for all these key purposes.

Being such a big employer, with around 1500 users, deployment over the web is central. Having one system available over the web, that can act as a BI and CPM layer on top of different source systems that Samhall uses, is something that is highly appreciated. So is the performance of the system, during the busy days at the end of each month, the average is about 1000 reports per day.

Having one system available over the web, that can act as a BI and CPM layer on top of different source systems that Samhall uses, is something that is highly appreciated.

The user friendly interface means that users are able to find the information they need, when they need it, by themselves. Samhall gives credit to the developers of the solution and say that they have really created a system for the end user.

Additional system users
Besides traditional financial reporting and budgeting, the frequent use of BizView includes KPI reports and analysis, personnel planning, time sheet entry and data management. Because it is easy to connect BizView to any source system, and possible to combine and utilize that information, many new areas of use have been made available to the users. Dashboard for various analysis and statistics, project estimations and follow-up where Samhall also uses the built in workflow.

We have also evaluated the new feature BizView Analytics, and we currently implementing Analytics to further decrease the number of different systems end users have to work with.

Samhall have evaluated the newest feature BizView Analytics for some time, and decided to implement it for a number of different unis. This will further decrease the number of systems end-users will have to work with. With Analytics, the system owners of Samhall can easily, and with limited effort, meet new requests and strategic information needs themselves.

We are anxious to get going with BizView Analytics as we think it will increase the access to and understanding of critical data, as well as limiting the number of systems users work with.

Overall, Samhall highlights the fact that they have been able to reduce the number of systems the users need to work in, and that BizView has the appreciated capability to give end users a system that is easy to work in and easy to deploy.


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