BizView for Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence, budget, forecast, reporting
The BizView solution for Microsoft Power BI is specifically designed to complement your choice of Microsoft as your business intelligence platform. BizView adds important functionality such as forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting integrated with your other components of the Microsoft Power BI stack.

The solution supports everything from very simple data entry forms to complex procedures for forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting. BizView’s Excel-like design tool makes it easy for controllers and other administrators to create different types of input forms.Leverage your existing knowledge of Excel when working with formulas and functions. The built-in support for approval workflow provides visibility and control of processes where many users need to work on registration and approval of data.


BizView for Microsoft Power BI is a more cost effective solution compared to more expensive, complex and closed systems from vendors such as IBM or SAP. These systems also have functionality that is overlapping with the investment you have already made in Microsoft technology and solutions.BizView is based on SQL Server and Microsoft’s web technology. The users work with the system directly in their web browser or via SharePoint. Login and security can be managed through AD-groups and single-sign-on.



The BizView Datastore is an open SQL Server database with clear interfaces for integration to and from data warehouses and ERP-systems. All data integration and data management can be controlled by SSIS. The solution also include a SSAS database template with multi-dimensional cubes that make it possible to present BizView data directly to end users using familiar tools such as Excel or Reporting Services. It is also possible to do the reverse – for example embedding Reporting Services reports in BizView.

Your challenge

Microsoft have a flexible platform for creating data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. Microsoft Power BI, i.e. SQL Server in combination with components such as SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, SharePoint and Excel are common in many organisations.

However there are other needs and requirements in your organisation where Microsoft lacks functionality. Microsoft Power BI does not support budgeting and forecasting where many people need to be involved and the process must be coordinated. In addition, there is a demand from users such as business controllers and others to create their own structured financial reports without having to involve IT. This is where BizView comes into play.

BizView for Microsoft Power BI – in brief

  • Adds powerful corporate performance management capabilities with planning, forecasting and budgeting to Microsoft’s business intelligence solutions
  • Continuously plan for the future – sales, production, personnel, costs, revenues, etc.
  • Workflow supporting approval processes
  • Easy to use Excel-like design tool
  • Unlike competitors, BizView an open solution built on SQL Server and designed for easy integration with data warehouses in both directions
  • Developed and marketed by Bizview Systems – a software company with continuous development and support

More about

Forecast and budget »
Plan quickly and easily for the future.Reporting and analysis »
Faster access to current figures and statistics directly to your web browser.Dashboard »
Effective communication of company goals, results and KPIs.

Analytics »
“Twist and tweak” huge data volumes and create very specific reports.

The BizView advantage »
Is easier, faster and more open!

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