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QlikSense/QlikView budget, QlikSense/QlikView forecast
The solution ‘BizView for Qlik’ is specially designed to complement your choice of Qlik Sense/QlikView as your BI platform. BizView for Qlik combines the best of Qlik Sense/QlikView with powerful features for performance management in BizView.

The solution supports everything from very simple data entry forms to complex procedures for forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting. BizView’s Excel-like design tool makes it easy for controllers and other administrators to create different types of input forms.

Leverage your existing knowledge of Excel when working with formulas and functions. The built-in support for approval workflows provides visibility and control of processes in which many simultaneous users work with registration and approval of data.

‘BizView for Qlik’ is based on web technology where BizView and Qlik Sense/QlikView interact to provide the user with a unified user experience. A user can, for example, in the forecasting process directly navigate from an input form to understand the historical trends and numbers in Qlik Sense/QlikView.
Figures for the previous year in a budget form are the same numbers that appear in a Qlik Sense/QlikView dashboard. BizView for Qlik is the fast way to give your organisation superior performance management and analysis capabilities.

Your challenge

Qlik Sense is a business intelligence solution for data visualization and analysis.
However there are other needs and requirements in your organisation that Qlik Sense/QlikView isn’t built to solve. Qlik Sense/QlikView does not support input of data, budgeting and forecasting. Nor does Qlik Sense/QlikView support coordination of planning processes where many people will be involved.

BizView is a complementary solution integrated with Qlik Sense/QlikView for performance management with budgeting, forecasting, and structured financial reporting. A solution that creates efficient routines and procedures that save time and give you control over the planning and reporting process.

BizView for Qlik – in brief

  • A complement to Qlik Sense/QlikView with powerful performance management, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities
  • Continuously plan for the future – sales, production, personnel, costs, revenues, etc.
  • Gain control and overview of the approval process in several steps
  • Intuitive web interface with an Excel-like design tool
  • A packaged software solution – quick and easy to get in place
  • Developed and marketed by Bizview Systems – a software company with continuous development and support

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