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With BizView Analytics you can “twist and tweak” huge data volumes and create very specific reports with analyses based on parameters you chose yourself.
illustration BizView Analytics

Illustration BizView Analytics

Visualise and communicate important information to the organisation

Many years ago, pre Internet time, companies worked hard and long to get hold of all possible and relevant business information for budgeting, planning and daily operations.

User behavior, business operations, stock registers and financial activities – it actually became an industry to supply businesses with such information. And expensive it was. Not so anymore. Today businesses collect a variety of information online from a range of sources and systems. It is super efficient and cheap, and actually so easy that we now can talk about information overload.

But data collection solves nothing if there are no tools that can filter, refine and systematize the information contained in the various databases we operate with.

With BizView Analytics it is easier than ever for decision makers to browse cross huge amounts of data in a way that can generate very specific reports and forecasts. Our aim has been to simplify all procedures and routines so that all users in a company can receive and send information that is most relevant. And now you can access and process data from various databases, regardless of the systems and setups (e.g. both Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and live “in-memory ad-hoc cubes”).

In BizView Analytics, we distinguish between two different report types:

Structured reports

  • The report designer defines the structure and the format of the report
  • ‘Drill-down’ into the numbers is possible by drilling from one report to another
  • Advanced subtotals and calculations (excel formulas)
  • Use multiple data sources and different data types

Analytical reports

  • The end-user chooses what to display
  • Filtering directly in the report via filters or slicers
  • ‘Drill-down paths’ are not pre-determined, instead the user can slice and dice data on the fly

BizView Analytics is an integrated module in BizView 7.0. The functionality is also tightly integrated with the BizView planning and forecasting framework with advanced forms and workflow. The focus has been to simplify all procedures and routines so that all users in a company can extract and analyze information that is most relevant.

With BizView Analytics, you now have an advanced tool for crunching huge databases, and the possibility to customize the reports the way you want.

It doesn’t get better than this!

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