Performance management, Scorecard

BizView Dashboard enables organisations to visualize key performance indicators and trends with stunning graphics. Easily create attractive dashboards visualizing your defined strategic and tactical goals. Only your imagination sets the limits. BizView Dashboard is the foundation for effective performance management of your business.

Visualise and communicate important information to the organisation

Employees in the organisation can interactively drill-down to the details. For example the development of certain markets, or cost trends by different profit centres. BizView Dashboard supports many different visualization controls such as charts, gauges and traffic lights. These in turn can be configured in an unlimited number of ways. You can also incorporate regular BizView reports to a dashboard where report data is filtered and updated based on what the user selects to display in the dashboard. BizView Dashboard can be embedded into custom solutions where BizView becomes part of your intranet or SharePoint site.

Connect to many different data sources

The underlying data can be retrieved from a data warehouse or directly from an ERP-system. Of course, data can also be easily retrieved from the BizView Datastore. The tight integration with ‘BizView Forecast and budget’ makes it easy to design input-forms to gather more ‘soft’ data. For example, create a survey to capture ‘employee satisfaction’ from your organisation.

BizView Dashboard is fully integrated with BizView’s other modules for planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis.

BizView Dashboard is used for

  • Data visualization
  • Trend analysis
  • Scorecarding
  • Performance management
  • Key performance indicators (KPI visualization)
  • Etc.

More about

Forecast and budget »
Plan quickly and easily for the future.

Reporting and analysis »
Faster access to current figures and statistics directly to your web browser.

Dashboard »
Effective communication of company goals, results and KPIs.

Analytics »
“Twist and tweak” huge data volumes and create very specific reports.

The BizView advantage »
Is easier, faster and more open!

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