Forecast and budget

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BizView Forecast and budget is a web-based tool that makes it possible to quickly respond to changes in the business environment and fast implement actions in the organisation. Work effectively with all types of performance management – budgets, forecasts, simulations and plans. BizView makes it fun and easy for employees to contribute with important data and information in the planning process.

Enhanced collaboration and control

Achieve better control over the entire process with BizView’s built-in workflow support for approval management. Be notified via email by BizView’s automatic message service and collaborate with colleagues through features for comments and discussion.

Leverage your existing Excel skills

BizView’s Excel-like flexible design tool makes it possible for controllers and other administrators to design various input forms without the help of IT. Based on our templates, you can create everything from very simple to extremely powerful and complex solutions, including formulas and functions just like Excel. Write and attach help instructions for end-users to facilitate their work.

Simplify your work with automated functions

Integrate data from different steps in the planning process using driver based planning. For example, let volume-based sales forecasts by product and segment, or personnel budgets by profit centre automatically generate figures to the P&L budget or forecast. BizView also supports spread keys for allocating revenues and cost over time.

Create everything from simple to advanced solutions

BizView is a flexible solution that makes it possible to work with any dimension (e.g. account, employees, product groups, customers, etc.), any time unit (years, quarters, months, weeks, days, etc.) and any measure (hours, tonnage, revenues, costs etc).

Manage infinite number of planning scenarios

One important feature is the ability to create dimensional objects or members (accounts, products, etc.) which in the planning phase do not exist in the back-end ERP system or other data source. BizView can also manage an unlimited number of parallel versions of various planning scenarios.

Efficient authentication and security

It is easy to configure permissions and security. For example, permission to approve figures for different profit centres. BizView also supports ‘single sign-on’, which means that the user do not need to login manually to BizView if the user is already authenticated in Windows.

Safe and centralized storage of data

Unlike solutions based on Excel, the planning data is stored in the BizView Datastore (MS SQL Server) with traceability and access security.
BizView Forecast and budget is fully integrated with BizView’s other features for reporting, analysis and dashboards.

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Forecast and budget »
Plan quickly and easily for the future.

Reporting and analysis »
Faster access to current figures and statistics directly to your web browser.

Dashboard »
Effective communication of company goals, results and KPIs.

Analytics »
“Twist and tweak” huge data volumes and create very specific reports.

The BizView advantage »
Is easier, faster and more open!

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BizView Forecast and budget is used for

Budget tool and budget system
Continuous planning and forecasting
And has many other uses
  • Sales budget
  • Production budget
  • Purchase budget
  • Employee budget
  • Cost budget
  • Result budget
  • Project budget
  • Sales forecasts
  • Highlevel production planning
  • Purchase planning
  • Cash flow forecast
  • FTE planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Occupancy planning
  • Cost forecasts
  • Time reporting
  • Project planning
  • Cost allocation and reporting
  • Efficient collection of data from many users
  • Etc.
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