The BizView advantage

BizView can be implemented quickly! Especially when compared to competing solutions.

There are several reasons

  • BizView Datastore – a standardized but flexible database in SQL Server with built-in features and intelligence
  • A standardized and well defined integration interface to underlying data sources and ready-made integration packages to selected ERP-systems
  • Examples of reports and input forms that can be customized as needed
  • BizView is web based – no installation of BizView is required on the users computers

Probably the world’s easiest planning form!

The fundamental goal when developing BizView has been to enable users to leverage their existing knowledge of Excel.

This means that the end-user easily and interactively can navigate between cells and change the amount directly in the browser while subtotals, totals, formulas, etc. are constantly updated.

At the same time this means that a controller or other input-form designer can build and manage the entry form. To make it easy for the end-user the administrator can attach help instructions to the input-form.

Probably the world’s most advanced and flexible planning form!

Since BizView is based on powerful ‘spreadsheet technology’, it is possible to create incredibly complex input forms and planning solutions. Use functions such as sum (), vlookup (), round (), max (), if () or other familiar Excel features.

Create input areas where the input-form suggests figures to the end user, which the user can override. Use BizView’s additional built-in functions for handling periods and dates. If you need advanced features it is also possible to write code-scripts in forms and reports. BizView is a scalable solution that can handle everything from simple needs to complex requirements.


BizView – an open solution

BizView is developed to fit well among other systems and technologies. BizView can be embedded into your intranet, SharePoint or other solutions. At the same time it is possible to insert content from other solutions in BizView (for example QlikView).

The BizView Datastore is storing the data in a safe and structured manner. There is a standard set of tables that BizView work with. Since data is stored in SQL Server, it’s easy to work with integration. From BizView Datastore other systems can easily retrieve for example planning data through a well-defined interface. BizView can also directly work with data from other databases and data warehouses without storing data in the BizView Datastore.

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