Installation and implementation

Take advantage of our experts and experienced partners who provides business consulting, implementation, data integration, upgrades and improvement services. They will ensure that your BizView meets your needs.

The goal of our services is to ensure quick results and long term success.

Our experts and experienced partners will work with you to ensure that your BizView solution meets your needs and is installed quickly and cost effectively. They will share their knowledge in the best way to apply the solution to ensure that you and your organisation know how to get the most out of BizView.

You get

  • Faster implementation and solution design
  • Reduced risk
  • Faster results

We and our network of partners can offer you the following services

We or our partners can on site or via remote connection install BizView and its various components in your IT operating environment.

Customer specific solutions
With proven methodology for driving rapid implementations and deliver results and quality, we will work with you throughout the implementation. Or if you prefer – only through certain parts of the project. You choose the level of support you need.
An implementation project starts with a requirement analysis where the different stakeholders and their needs are identified. Based on this analysis we create solutions interactively with you.

An important part for a successful project is to quickly identify data sources and integrate these with BizView. Bizview Systems and our partners have a long history of quickly connecting our web application with other systems and ensure a stable integration. BizView Datastore and our integrations with a variety of ERP-systems play a central role.

We perform a continuous and rapid development of BizView. It is easy to upgrade to new versions, but if you need assistance, our experts are there to help you.

Are you getting the most out of BizView? Do you want to improve productivity even more, or create entirely new solutions? Maybe you have re-organized, have new business requirements or new staff. An evaluation gives you a description of how you can improve your use of BizView. Our experts assess where you currently are and what you need to improve.

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