Learn more about BizView from experts and keep users and administrators continually updated. We offer customized onsite training, classroom training and materials for self-study.

Our software solutions are designed to be easy to learn, use and administrate. We and our partners provide training programs that give the users and administrators the expertise they need for short and long term success.

Training options

The objective of our training is to speed up the transfer of our knowledge to you. Our training ensures that your users and administrators are up to date with BizView.

Customized training at your site
This is the most popular choice. It ensures that the right people get the right training at the right time. It is a cost effective way to ensure a successful implementation and provide users with the training that is most relevant to their needs. For customized training the content can also be adjusted based on your needs and your developed solutions.

Standard courses
We offer standard courses in an interactive classroom environment. For more information about our courses and curriculum, please contact us.

Training at your own pace
We offer tutorials, including practical exercises, which create a quick understanding of how the different parts of BizView work and fit together. Each piece is tailored to the needs of different roles in a project or organisation such as system administrator, data integrator, etc.

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